Every little bit helps!

The Future of Joy Chocolates

A little background on our big picture. Joy Chocolates already has all the equipment it needs to get up and running. currently, we can make approximately 50 lbs of chocolate per week (or about 400 chocolate bars), running full blast...a feat that we have yet to attempt. That speed won't be comfortable (nor sustainable) with our current equipment...but for the time being, it'll be good enough to get us rolling.

We are currently set up under the Food Freedom Act. The plan is to quickly move toward a cottage kitchen, then moving on to commercial kitchen certification. Once we achieve our commercial kitchen certification, I'll be looking to expand equipment and look to purchase a storefront here in Cut Bank. This will allow me to set up as a bulk chocolate supplier around the state, as well as possibly selling my chocolate wholesale in stores...don't hold your breath, this is a long road ahead, but everything here will help me bring some of the best chocolate in the world closer to you!

For phase one, we're looking at finishing/retrofitting a garage as our cottage kitchen. This involves replacing the roof, building walls, insulation, heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical...all of which carry a pretty heavy cost. Lucky for me, I'm decent at a lot of this stuff, but any additional funding would help hurry my efforts along and get things in place sooner rather than later.

Additionally, I just want to say that I really don't expect anything here, but I'm hopeful...and grateful. Every donation I receive of $5 or more, I'll be returning the favor with free chocolate! Since my bars are normally $5, it only makes sense. I can't guarantee that I'll match your donation completely, but I'll definitely try to make it worth your while. Just click the link below...


Thank you for all your help!

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