Flavors and Customization

The Taste of Joy Chocolates


The Cut Bank 

65% Dark Chocolate

One of our sweetest dark chocolates at 65% cacao by weight.  Perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth, but are trying to avoid dairy.

Big Sky 

75% Dark Chocolate

The perfect blend of sugar and cacao to pull out a few of the apricot
notes that are naturally occurring in our single source cacao beans.

Sweet Grass

85% Dark Chocolate

Looking for a delicious treat but definitely want to stay at the healthier end of the spectrum?  Sweet grass is one of my absolute favorites.  Made with just a hint of vanilla to round out the bitterness that comes with darker chocolates.

Last Chance Gulch 

95% Dark Chocolate

At 95%, its all about the anti-oxidants, but that rich cacao flavor is everywhere.


Many Glacier 

65% Dark Chocolate with Peppermint

This is the same formulation as The Cut Bank at 65%, but with that intense peppermint flavor.

Queen of the Rockies

65% Dark Chocolate with Cherry

A perfect blend of 65% sweet dark chocolate (same as in The Cut Bank) and cherry make this absolutely delicious.  Its what you always wanted a flavored chocolate to be!  

The Triple Divide

65% Dark Chocolate with Cherry and Jalapeno

The biggest request we've received was for a chili pepper chocolate.  Well, here is our first try.  The Triple Divide uses a sweeter 65% dark chocolate with cherry, the same chocolate as used in the Queen of the Rockies, but we've sprinkled some dried jalapeno inclusions.  Mui caliente! 

Going to the Sun

70% Dark Chocolate with Coffee

A true breakfast chocolate!  We grind the coffee directly with the cacao to make it super smooth.  That rich, medium roast flavor is carried right into this 70% dark chocolate blend.  

The Mighty Mo

70% Dark Chocolate with Molasses

Sweetened primarily with vitamin and mineral rich molasses in place of more conventional sweeteners, The Mighty Mo also registers pretty high on the healthier side of chocolates. 

Chimney Rock 

75% Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Salt

The same 75% dark chocolate used with the Big Sky, however the Chimney Rock has a light sprinkling of Himalayan salt on the back.  Sweet and salty is a magical combination with chocolates.

Santa Rita

75% Dark Chocolate with Orange

That same great chocolate taste of the Big Sky, but sweetened just a bit with orange.    


The Bozone

55% Oat Milk Chocolate

Our 55% oat milk chocolate is completely vegan and just as creamy and delicious as you'd expect from a milk chocolate.  We've managed to capture just a hint of the oat milk flavor with this blend of ingredients...if you're taking your time, that is.

Rock City

55% Oat Milk Chocolate with Himalayan Salt

The same 55% oat milk chocolate used in The Bozone, but Rock City has a light sprinkling of Himalayan Salt on the back that really ties the rich chocolate and the creamy oat milk together.


The Hi-Line

55% Milk Chocolate

55% is actually pretty dark for a milk chocolate.  We're combining  this already dark chocolate with a blend of heavy cream and whole milk solids to make it one of the richest milk chocolates on the planet! 

The Littlest Rockies

55% Milk Chocolate with Himalayan Salt

This is the same 55% milk chocolate used in The Hi-Line, but we just had to add that light sprinkling of Himalayan Salt to make something spectacular.  You are in for a treat!

Saint Mary

55% Malted Milk Chocolate

Still carrying that 55% dark forward for this light and delicious malted milk flavor.  A little something different.

Paradise Chai 

60% Milk Chocolate with Chai Spice

Now here is something very different!  60% is almost unheard of for a milk chocolate and it only has about half the milk as the rest of our milk chocolates...then add in the Chai Spice for a truly unique take on milk chocolates.

Customizable Wrappers

Have a birthday party, special anniversary, business event, etc coming up and you're looking to have some great chocolate, but my standard labels just aren't conveying what needs to be said?  Well, we'll accommodate that as well!  100% free text and color of your choosing on the inside and outside of the wrapper (Food Facts and ingredient label is a legal requirement, so that has to stay put).  Pending I can squeeze it in there, that wrapper will be you're canvas to create and tell whoever you need whatever you want.  No profanity or offensive language is permitted.  Remember:  "Joy" is the theme in everything we do!

Each purchased bars with custom labels is $7 (minimum purchase of 10 bars) or $6 (for orders of 20 bars or more) is required for custom labels.  Additional fees may be required pending whether standard Joy Chocolates wrapper colors are desired or a new (non-standard) color is requested. 

Just shoot me an email and we'll work out the details.