...we all need a little, from time to time...

A new way of looking at the world

Life can be pretty tough, and there's clearly nothing out there even remotely capable of inspiring you anymore, right?

As a chocolate company, I can't simply solve the all of the world's problems, but I'd at least like to say that I was part of the solution.  So yea, I'm going to try to take this on...which is quite the self imposed endeavor for a start up chocolate company.  

We named the company "Joy" because of you.  Its that simple.  The look of joy that comes over your face when you taste truly excellent chocolate.  We're just trying to add a little extra joy where its needed, but there's more!  The inside of the wrapper presents an empty canvas to try help brighten a potentially dark day.  All I want is to make your life a little better and its all about getting you to rethink your perspective.  To unplug.  To appreciate the little things and keep expectations reasonable...both for you and for how I measure my success on this adventure.  Just some inspirational thoughts, a different way of looking at things, and some extra clarity for those who may just need it.  

If it helps just one me, it'll be worth it!

Overall, our purpose is simple, we want you to be happy and enjoy life.

A quick shout out...

A special shout out to Dylan Butterbaugh at Manoa Chocolate.  Check out his "CCTV" or "Craft Chocolate TV" videos on YouTube when you get a chance.  He does a fantastic job of walking people through the process and advocating for an ethical chocolate manufacturing process and agricultural sourcing...not even to mention making fantastic chocolate! goal is to spread a little inspiration.  If I can help just one person...

Dylan, if you have a similar goal, you've officially succeeded.  Thank you for showing me the way and for all the help you've given me over the years.  

Buy Manoa chocolate!  Trust me, its amazing!

...And to Melody

I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without loving wife, my muse, my everything.  Melody has supported me through the tough times, when work was beating me up, and advocated for me looking for something new...even something as crazy as this.

She has inspired me with the confidence to change my career and try something that would not only benefit us, but could legitimately help bring joy to many many people.  I don't think she fully understands the opportunity she's given me, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to explain it...but I can't wait to spend the rest of my life trying.

I love you, Melody!