Our Flavors

The 24 Flavors of Joy Chocolates...and counting!


Completely Vegan and Gluten Free (identified with Gold Foil)

The Cut Bank 

65% Sweet Dark Chocolate

One of our sweetest dark chocolates at 65% cacao by weight.  Perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth, but are trying to avoid dairy.

Big Sky 

75% Dark Chocolate

The perfect blend of sugar and cacao to pull out a few of the apricot
notes that are naturally occurring in our single source cacao beans.

Sweet Grass

85% Dark Chocolate

Looking for a delicious treat but definitely want to stay at the healthier end of the spectrum?  Sweet grass is one of my absolute favorites.  Made with just a hint of vanilla to round out the bitterness that comes with darker chocolates.

Last Chance Gulch 

95% Extra Dark Chocolate

At 95%, its all about the anti-oxidants!  That rich cacao flavor is everywhere, this smooth single origin cacao chocolate bar is a true delicacy...like a fine wine, for the discriminating pallet.


Completely Vegan and Gluten Free (identified with Gold Foil)

Many Glacier 

65% Dark Chocolate with Peppermint

This is the same formulation as The Cut Bank at 65%, but with that intense peppermint flavor.

Sluice Boxes

65% Dark Chocolate with Molasses and Ginger

A perfect blend of sweet dark chocolate sweetened with organic molasses, finished off with a sharp edge of ginger to bring that rich gingerbread spice to this chocolate bar.  What can I say?  I love ginger, and I'm sure you will too!  

Cinnabar Bar

65% Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon

One trip south of the boarder and you'll find this flavor everywhere...so why not here?  Cinnabar has that smooth sweet dark chocolate that slowly ramps up the cinnamon with each bite.  One of our newest bars and immediately became one of my absolute favorites! 

Queen of the Rockies

65% Dark Chocolate with Cherry

A perfect blend of 65% sweet dark chocolate and cherry make this absolutely delicious.  That cherry rings through with every bite.  Its what you always wanted a flavored chocolate to be!  

The Triple Divide

65% Dark Chocolate with Cherry and Jalapeno

The biggest request we've received was for a pepper chocolate.  Well, here is our first try.  The Triple Divide uses a sweeter 65% dark chocolate with cherry, with the added heat of jalapeno.  Through no intention of our own, this has become our signature flavor.  Mui caliente!

Ora y Plata (Silver and Gold)

65% Dark Chocolate with Orange and Cayenne Pepper

Since the Triple Divide has been embraced by the spicy community, I figured why not poke the bear.  Orange and Cayenne Pepper is a delicious and hot expansion to the Joy Chocolates peppered chocolate catalog.  Mixing sweet 65% orange dark chocolate with the heat of cayenne peper. Incidentally, this immediately became Melody's (IT and wife) absolute fav!  

Lazy Day

65% Dark Chocolate with Rum and Raisin

This has been my absolute favorite chocolate flavors since I was just a wee lad.  Rum flavored sweet chocolate with plump, juicy raisin inclusions throughout. If you've never tried it...you're missing something special!

Going to the Sun

70% Dark Chocolate with Coffee

A true breakfast chocolate!  We grind the coffee directly with the cacao to make it super smooth.  That rich, medium roast flavor is carried right into this 70% dark chocolate blend.  

Chimney Rock 

75% Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Salt

The same 75% dark chocolate used with the Big Sky, however the Chimney Rock has a light sprinkling of Himalayan salt on the back.  Sweet and salty is a magical combination with chocolates.

Black Sandy

75% Dark Chocolate with White Peppercorn

The hidden gem of our 75% dark chocolates.  Black Sandy brings a subtle white peppercorn flavor for those looking for a more savory dark chocolate experience.  An eye opening combination that just as delicious as it is truly unique.

Santa Rita

75% Dark Chocolate with Orange

That same great chocolate taste of the Big Sky, but sweetened just a bit with orange.   After this, no one will be looking for those weird chocolate oranges at the grocery store.

The Divide

75% Dark Chocolate with Jalapeno

The same 75% dark chocolate used with the Big Sky, however the The Divide has a pinch of heat!  Jalapeno comes roaring through the smooth 75% dark. Sweet and salty is a magical combination with chocolates.

Big Warm

75% Dark Chocolate with Aleppo Pepper

Our pepper chocolates started with The Divide...but it lead us right here.  Every bite brings that tasty Aleppo Pepper to the front row as it casually mingles with our 75% dark chocolate.  This is it folks.  This is what you've been asking for.  

It can't possibly get better...but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna tray.

The Mighty Mo

85% Dark Chocolate with Molasses

Sweetened entirely with organic, vitamin and mineral rich, molasses in place of more conventional sweeteners.  I've always been a sucker for the taste of molasses, but The Mighty Mo also registers pretty high on the healthier side of chocolates. 


Completely Vegan and Gluten Free (identified with Silver Foil)

The Bozone

55% Oat Milk Chocolate

Our 55% oat milk chocolate is completely vegan and just as creamy and delicious as you'd expect from a milk chocolate.  We've managed to capture just a hint of the oat milk flavor with this blend of ingredients...if you're taking your time to savor this delicacy, that is.

Rock City

55% Oat Milk Chocolate with Himalayan Salt

The same 55% oat milk chocolate used in The Bozone, but Rock City has a light sprinkling of Himalayan Salt on the back that really ties the rich chocolate and the creamy oat milk together.  Salted chocolate...you simply can't go wrong.  


55% Oat Milk Chocolate with Coffee

A take on our fan favorite, Going to the Sun, that is quickly becoming a favorite in its own right.  Our take on a nice cup of coffee with oat milk and sugar.  Absolutely delicious! 

...and an eye opener when you really need it.


55% Oat Milk Chocolate with Fruit and Spice

This is what happens when you spend too much time in the lab creating new chocolate flavors.  Eureka! is a truly unique flavor combinations that is unlike anything you've tasted before.  Created with my own special blend of fruit and spices.  

A Higher Line

55% Oat Milk Chocolate with Vanilla

If you thought the Bozone was good, you need to try A Higher Line.  Vanilla, Chocolate, and Oat Milk were meant to go together.  The vanilla seems to make the oat milk creamier...because science (probably)!  This mouthwatering collection of flavors is a truly delicious treat! 

Shep's Vigil

55% Oat Milk Chocolate with Pumpkin Spice

What can I say about Pumpkin Spice...it was inevitable.  I did want to make it stand out from its cousin, Paradise Chai (which is actually much darker than the 5% difference looks).  What I didn't expect is just how much different it would be.  This rich and creamy oat milk chocolate is creamier than all of our other oat milk chocolates and really pops with ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg.  A perfect chocolate bar to help commemorate Shep...a very, very good boy.

Paradise Chai

60% Dark Oat Milk Chocolate with Chai Spice

This super dark oat milk chocolate is a hard to find delicacy, and now available in this completely vegan chocolate bar! This has quickly become one of our top sellers, mixing our dark / only vaguely oat milk chocolate with ginger, cinnamon, clove, allspice, nutmeg, and cardamom.